Curatorial Projects

Cj Hendry:

Curated by John Zinonos


Be it from our own ailments, neurosis, curiosities, or addictions, individuals in theUnited States have found themselves participants in a perpetually growing cycle of wealth and drugs sold on and off the black market. As a result, a never-profiting industry has been created that has gravely impacted the lives of millions while simultaneously benefiting a small few. These transactions operate at a staggering pace - generating vast amounts of products and capital that quickly exchange hands through various modes of distribution, points of sale, and prices – all which are out of the control and minds of its consumers.

DRUG MONEY is an interactive installation created by artist Cj Hendry that explores the complex relationship Americans have with the drug industry’s legal, illegal, and blackmarket – an escalating tale of money, leisure, enjoyment, addiction, and abuse. Providing commentary on the lack of transparency around the exact wealth and value of money tied to the industry, DRUG MONEY exposes a catch-22 - the speed and quantity at which drugs and money exchange hands on the streets of this country as well as highlighting the overt hypocrisy individuals who have, currently are, and/or will in the future benefit from “DRUG MONEY”.

Known for her hyper-realistic illustrations of objects, ranging from commercial products to pop culture references, DRUG MONEY is Cj’s first interactive installation created for SPRING/BREAK’s 2019 FACT AND FICTION show.

866 United Nations Plaza
March 5 - 11, 2019

Image courtesy Samuel Morgan photography

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