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Three Parts Water

Curated by Julia Davis and John Zinonos
Presentation of Julia Davis and John Zinonos

EAST HAMPTON, NYOLFACTIVE ATTRACTIONS: THREE PARTS WATER is a collaborative work by Julia Davis and John Zinonos about submersion. Inspired by the lack or presence of water in three global terrains, the artists created an exploration into the deep. The voyage begins with the Desert, a stark landscape devoid of moisture and represented in an odor of warm spices and dry woods. After traversing through this arid environment, the traveler is met with the wetness of condensation - dew drops collecting on plant leaves, humid air, and damp earth of the Jungle. Finally, the Ocean embodies complete saturation; a tingling sensation in the nose twirls sparkling coolness with sea salt, triggering the refreshing feeling of freedom that comes from diving into water on a hot summer day. Custom fragrances created by Julia Davis, KNAUER NEVER.

For Olfactive Attractions, Julia and John have selected the following 3 iconic terrains:

Desert // dry, warm, woody, spicy, ambery. // light blue, pale,silvery, warmth, arid, mirage
Jungle // tropical, damp, green, aquatic, earthy  // vibrant, saturated, rich, wet
Ocean // marine, salt, aquatic,aldehydic  //deep, cold, endless,mysterious, vast

JuliaDavis and John Zinonos
Olfactive Attractions: ThreeParts Water
CustomFragrances, Habutae Fabrics, Wood

Julia Davis and John Zinonos
LongHouse Reserve
East Hampton, New York
July 21st, 2018

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